UtiliPay Payment Gateway

The payment gateway links merchants and payment channels to allow subscribers to make real-time payments using electronic funds held on a payment channels systems. A typical scenario is a bill payment for a utility company, such Lusaka Water & Sewerage. The gateway routes and credits the merchant’s billing systems, allowing for the immediate fulfillment or delivery of the product being paid for. Implemented with a switching architecture, it is the first such deployment in Zambia and is unrivalled in the simplicity of the merchant and product on-boarding process. Clients are up and running in days, as opposed to weeks of integration works.

Mobile Banking Platform

This is feature-rich mobile-based application that moves a consumer closer to the banking operations that are usually fulfilled in person. Developed to match the local national payment system, the application boasts such features as beneficiary registration (P2P), DDAC generation, standing orders and cheque re-ordering amongst others. The platform is extensible, plugging into any funds management system.

Deployments include Investrust Bank and Bayport Kwacha Mover, where it has been used as an originator of remote transactions.

Integrated Beneficiary Payments System (IBPS)

IBPS is a non-traditional payroll processing system that is used to make electronic payments to casual or non-payroll employees. It reduces the overhead of managing the entire B2P payment process through simple but effective workflow processes. The IBPS is channel agnostic and can handle one or more channels simultaneously. This means that the beneficiaries are free to choose and elect their payment channel of choice (Airtel Money, MTN Money, Kwacha Mover etc.). The system will correctly distribute funds to the beneficiary’s channel of choice based on their profile, which is maintained on the system for subsequent payments.

The IBPS has been successfully used on the Africa Indoor Residual Spraying Program (AIRS) from the year 2012 through to 2014. In this period, the system managed payments for over 1,500 sprayers who were contracted on a casual basis by the Ministry of Health. Processing in excess of 2.5 million kwacha in low value, high frequency wages to the non-banked communities in Eastern, Northern and Luapula provinces, the IBPS proved invaluable as an administration tool, providing financial forecasting, reconciliation and practical hr and payroll management functions. Channel partners on this project were MTN Mobile Money and Airtel Money.


AgroPay is an agricultural payment platform that harnesses all the administrative and functional aspects of the unique Zambian farming cycle, in a single application. It has been designed to serve as the small-scale farmer’s conduit to financial inclusion, with features that support subsidy programs such as FISP, purchase schemes under the FRA, AgroPay reduces the financial gap between the farmer and financial and agricultural markets that interface with him. AgroPay is to be deployed for use by each of the agro sector stakeholders, creating a seamless ecosystem for payment management in the sector.